• Vihaan Care & Support Center

    Named for the Sanskrit word for ‘dawn’s first light,’ Vihaan is a national initiative, designed especially to fascilitate care & support to people living with HIV/AIDS.Vihaan provides access to a range of quality care & support services using an integrated approach that complements existing HIV prevention and treatment programming. Working in coordination with nearby ART Centres, CSCs serve as safe spaces for PLHIV offering services that include counselling, outreach and follow-up support, health referrals, and linkages to social welfare schemes.

    Through Vihaan Care & Support Centre, People Living with HIV/AIDS are given access to essential services, increase treatment adherence, reduce stigma and discrimination, and improve the quality of life.

    This programmme is supported by National AIDS Control Programme IV (NACP IV).

    Vihaan Centre in Satara is Committed to the health and wellbeing of all PLHIV and their affected families, with special effort to reach those from underserved populations, including women, children and members of high-risk groups