• Partner in UN Decade of Biodiversity

    The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), has recently included Kaas Plateau of flowers, which is situated in the Western Ghat (22 km from Satara City, in Maharashtra) in the list of World Natural Heritage sites. In recent years the Popularity of Kaas has increased many folds and the increase in numbers of tourists have resulted in a direct or indirect impact on its bio-diversity. The lack of proper guidelines and limited patrolling by the forest department is causing a tremendous stress to this fragile ecosystem. Without any proper regulation and control, Kaas has unfortunately turned into a picnic spot, with rowdy tourists plucking and trampling flowers, parking vehicles on the plateau, littering garbage and creating a mess.

    One of the requirements for the nomination of World Natural Heritage sites is to be successful is engaging the local communities, creating awareness and capacity building efforts for the natural conservation and comprehending the ecosystem values for the sustainable development.

    To highlight the issue of KAAS, various seminars and programs are continuously organized by US. Yashwantrao Chavan School of Social Work is planning to conduct series of mass public awareness program on sensitive biodiversity of KAAS plateau from 22nd September 2012. The activities to be conducted are:

    • Public Awareness Lectures for Tourists
    • Poster Presentation on Bio-Diversity of KAAS Plateau
    • Cleaning of waste materials, plastic bags from the flowering site of KAAS Plateau
    • Distribution of biodiversity awareness stickers to school children, Tourists, bus/car drivers etc.
    • Online Campaign through face book and other social networking sites

    The activities are in line with the United Nations Decade of Biodiversity. We as an Institute are renewing our commitment to protect and promote the Biodiversity of Western Ghats and KAAS Plateau. We are engaging various groups for this initiative which is ranging from local people, Women Self help group members to school children and media. We have also asked permission to use your logo as part of our initiatives. We humbly request you to kindly add and post this event in your website.