• Research and Resource Development Centre

    The imparting of quality education at YCSSW is supported by research and development. The college has a Research, Resource and Development Centre (RRDC) which organizes intensive workshops on Research Methodology and encourages faculty to take up field research projects.

    Social Work research is a neglected area and RRDC concentrates on promoting it. Realizing the importance of research in improving practice and effectiveness of Social Work methods and interventions, RRDC gives thrust to Social Work research. The research lab provides updates to students in conducting research. The RRDC advisory committee has eminent persons on its panel. The college invites eminent researchers to deliver lectures to promote scientific temper and Social Work research.

    YCSSW faculty members are involved in research projects of the government and NGOs. Special attention is given to involve in research projects of contemporary relevance to deal with social issues. National workshops on Research Methodology are conducted. A research club of Social Work professionals has been formed to promote Social Work research.

    Faculty members publish research articles in journals and take up consultancy work. As a part of institutional social responsibility (ISR), the Institute is involved in extension activities in collaboration with other organisations.

    Through this centre, the Institute has conducted four Social Work Research Methodology workshops, in which more than 52 Social Work scholars from across India participated. It is the Institute policy that at least 75 per cent of the total research projects taken by students should be specifically Social Work Intervention Research.

    RRDC Advisory Committee: RRDC has an advisory committee, which functions as an apex body of the RRDC. Its chairman is the Working Presidentof the Institute. The Principal, RRDC coordinator, Representative from the University, Social Work research experts, academicians and Social Science research experts are members.

    Research Committee: The Research Committee functions under the RRDC with the Principal as Director. There are three coordinators from among faculty members who look into research projects, consultancy and workshops, data processing, and publication.