• Bhasha Prabhu Sant Tukaram Remedial Coaching centre

    Remedial coaching is provided for students to improve their English language skills as it is a constraint hampering their progress.

    Girl students, particularly married students, are given special counselling to motivate them to complete their education. Their families are also given counselling. Differently-abled and minority students are given special attention.

    Remedial coaching for slow learners and students with average communication skills: The medium of instruction for BSW and MSW is English. It has been observed that some students lag in English communication and writing skills. The Institute identifies such students through group activity and enrolls them in the remedial language coaching centre on the campus. Here, they receive weekly training in basics of English communication and writing skills. This intervention improves the academic performance of students and helps them boost self-esteem, which is a basic requirement in the Social Work profession. The college also provides computer education to all students, irrespective of the demand of the syllabus.