• Principal’s Message

    A sprawling green campus blessed with nature’s bounty, and a management and staff with a passion to provide holistic education in a very family environment together make Yashwantrao Chavan School of Social Work (YCSSW) a wonderful place to be in and learn.

    Founded in 1994, YCSSW is known for providing quality Social Work education in western India. We make every effort to ensure that our students go beyond the mundane and become change-makers.

    Social Work is a practice profession. Therefore, our committed teachers engage learners in carefully planned and structured outdoor activities such as field visits and placement training at local and national levels. Fieldwork is the USP of the Institute.

    We have watched with pride our students enter their professional lives as informed and dynamic citizens equipped with the skills and passion to make a mark in their area of work. Proof of this is our alumni, who have done exceptionally well in their professional as well as personal lives. They are our brand ambassadors.

    Our students have excelled professionally because on campus they were challenged to acquire the skills needed to meet the demands of the job market. At YCSSW, they learn to keep their ears to the ground and listen to the voice and aspirations of people in society, especially the less privileged sections.

    The course is so designed that it sensitises students on the nature of the society they live in. This is made possible by the constructive and goal-oriented engagement between students, parents and other stakeholders.

    For an equitable, just, peaceful and prosperous society, we need citizens who are aware of their duties and responsibilities. Therefore, YCSSW is committed to fostering tolerance, national integrity, environment consciousness and social values among students. We keep a copy of the Constitution at the entrance of the College building and also share its essence in the society we engage with.

    I am sure that being part of the YCSSW family will put you on the road to becoming change-makers and influence the future of the society and the country.