• Facilities


The institute has a well-equipped library that is housed in a big hall which is located at the central position in the administrative building with around 7200 volumes related to Social Work and Interdisciplinary fields. The Library of the college is resolved to provide adequate reading materials to the students. To furnish the students with latest information about the ongoing events in the social science sector, the library also subscribes around 81 reputed journals and magazines and 10 newspapers. It also provides a host of information services to its users through Current Awareness Bulletins, Catalogue, reference and bibliographic services and photocopying facilities. The library is kept open for 10 hours including a break of 1 hour for tea and lunch during the class hours. Reading hall is kept open during the evening hours in order to facilitate students to use the library. The library has modern furniture and computer system to have easy access to reading materials.


Hostels are a home away from home. The Institute has hostel fascility for girls in the capus itself .We at YCSSW provide you a decent stay and the best possible learning environment. Accordingly effort is made to make living in a hostel a comfortable and memorable experience. Many Students consider quality of life as one of the important factors while choosing a College. The stay at campus would certainly provide a wealth experience by developing qualities such as comradeship and social responsibility. We encourage the habit of community living and sharing. Hostel is supervised by a warden who resides in the hostel. Residents of the hostel will have to abide by the hostel rules, breach of which will result in disciplinary action. No accommodation is provided to guests of the hostel residents. The Institute has made arrangements for boys’ hostel in the city for those who are coming from backward classes.


The Institute has a computer centre with Internet and e-mail facilities.Computer has become an inevitable part of human life, especially for professionals. All organisations-developmental, research and managerial, are completely computerised. So, computer literacy is essential and is expected from a person in the profession. Keeping this in view, Institute has introduced a paper on Computer Applications for Social Workers for MSW and BSW as an institutional requirement. About 9 software packages and SPSS, a statistical package - a package for qualitative data analysis are taught. Those who have completed some computer training course earlier and seek exemption from the Institute’s computer training, are to appear at an examination, both theory and practical, to verify the level of competence and to see that it is in accordance with the Institutional requirements. The computer centre offers facilities for students to do their term papers, seminar papers, project work and other documentation work by themselves when computer is available free.Sharada infotech provides an internet facility for on-line information


YCSSW provides staff, faculty and students access to the wireless network on campus where available.

YCSSW has integrated the college library into the teaching-learning process. Students are motivated to make optimum use of the books, journals, research reports, e-resources and newspapers in the library. Library hour is part of the time table, especially for BSW students. Freshers are oriented on optimum use of the library. Library is kept open for extra time in the evening.

Faculty give students reading lists and encourage them to use the library for reference. After class, students are encouraged to make notes using reference books. Students are given article reviews as assignments and encouraged to use library to prepare for seminars and dissertations. Students can search for and locate books and their contents using the ‘Current Contents Service’ on the computer.

The New Arrivals rack displays latest books and journals. Flyers of publishers are circulated amongst faculty and their suggestions sought on buying relevant books. Faculty and students display paper cuttings on relevant issues on notice boards inside and outside the classroom.