Family Counselling Centres

Family is considered as a secure place by many. However, in reality it may not be true for all, especially for a woman, who is not only being abused or tortured as a wife but also discriminated as a daughter and neglected as a widow. In fact, woman’s right is violated from ‘womb to tomb’. The marital relationship is under increasing strain due to various factors. Families are falling apart. The divorce rate is soaring. Domestic violence is increasing. Teenage pregnancies are becoming common and so forth. A high percentage of children from dysfunctional families need counselling. Dysfunctional families imply a dysfunctional society. And a breakdown of families leads to the breakdown of society itself.

Therefore, to help families to enjoy the essence of life, YCSSW in association with Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi has been running two family counselling centres which are attached to Satara and Karad police station.

Trained Social Work professional provide counselling and legal help to those women who approach police station for legal support and protection.