Environmental Consciousness

The Institute has received the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vanashree Award. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vanashree Puraskar Yojna is a scheme of the Social Forestry Department of the Maharashtra government to encourage individuals or social organisations to plant, nurture, conserve and protect trees in maximum area of available land.

  • Green cover: There are more than 3000 trees and plants on the campus. The Institute constantly cares for endangered biodiversity of the Western Ghats by promoting eco-friendly practices on campus.
  • Tree plantation drive: The annual tradition of planting of trees by BSW and MSW final-year students at YCSSW has created dense green cover on the campus.
  • Care of plants: All plants are placed with their respective botanical nomenclature systems. Students, faculty and staff jointly take care of the plants and trees.
  • Students and faculty conducted the internal green audit of the campus. Initially, students were given training in green audit, after which they conducted the audit under the guidance of faculty. It helped students become aware of the green audit process. The campus has local plant species and also those from outside. It was found that plants from outside did not attract birds. So, the Institute is replacing plants from outside with local species. Students are involved in collecting saplings for plantation.
  • Corrective steps were taken to preserve the green environment of the campus. Students understand the need to preserve the environment for a better future and to minimise effects of global warming. Students extended this initiative to their respective villages and fieldwork agencies. The audit exercise created a sense of responsibility among students, faculty and staff to adopt energy-saving practices like switching off fans, lights, computer when not in use.
  • The college has a well-maintained garden with various types of trees, plants, herbs and shrubs. All plants and trees are tagged with the botanical nomenclature system. In some parts of the garden, nutritious fruits are grown and donated to Ashram school for children.

Environment protection initiatives:

  • Institute maintains biodiversity on campus with herbal garden, butterfly garden and by providing habitat for bird and snake species
  • Has won state government’s Green Campus award
  • Creates awareness to preserve biodiversity at the famous Kaas plateau as partner in UN Decade on Biodiversity
  • Undertakes tree plantation drive inside and outside campus
  • Conserves water through drip-irrigation, check-dam and watershed development
  • Installed solar panel for hostel
  • Has tobacco-free campus
  • Manages waste in eco-friendly way
  • Promotes Zero-Budget Natural Farming through workshops and by creating a model farm on campus
  • Promotes kitchen gardens in villages