Jakatwadi, Satara-415002, Maharashtra
Sr. No Description / Event Date
1 Entrance Exam for admission in B.S.W./M.S.W. 1st July,2016
2 Display of Merit list Candidates 4th July,2016
3 Merit List admission 5-7th July, 2016
4 Display of Waiting List Candidates 7th July, 2016
5 Waiting List admissions 8th-12th July, 2016
6 Academic Session starts For BSW (Semester III & V ) For MSW( Semester III ) 13thJuly 2016
7 Welcome of Fresher’s 14th July 2016
8 Induction and Ice Breaking Session with Fresher’s. 15th July 2016
9 Common Assembly – General rules, Orientation to Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Institute, Awareness on anti ragging law, Orientation regarding Evaluation Criteria 20th July 2016
10 Commencement of classes 18th July 2016
11 MSW Orientation Visit 18th 19th 25th &26th July 2016
12 Orientation visit (MSW Part II) 5th and 6th July 2016 ,7th to 9th July 2016,11th July 2016,15th July 2016
13 Agency supervisors meet 23rd July 2016
14 Passport Camp 27th July 2016
15 Constitution of Student council 28th July( subjected to University Rule)
16 Anna Bhau Sathe Jayanti 1st August, 2016
17 Finalization of research topic BSW Part III & MSW Part II 1st August, 2016
18 Parent Teacher Meeting 6th August 2016
19 Capacity Improvement Programme Once in every month.
20 National Leadership training in collaboration with AICUF, Kerala & Lead college 10th and 11th August 2016
21 Independence day 15th August 2016
22 Rural Camp ( BSW Part I) 15th to 22nd August 2016
23 Class assignment paper setting camp 20th August 2016
24 Death Anniversary of Dr. Dabholkar 20th August 2016
25 Family enrichment programme 23rd August 2016
26 Rural Camp ( BSW Part I) Presentation 24th August 2016
27 Class Assignment/ CAP 26th to 30th August 216
28 Result of class assignment 1st September 2016
29 Institute day 5th September 2016
30 Alumni Meet 5th September 2016
31 NAAC Peer Team Visit 19th 20th and 21st September
32 Blood donation Camp 1st October ,2016
33 Gandhi Jayanti - Rally 2nd October, 2016
34 World Mental Health day 10th October , 2016
35 Fun day- school of Social work 14th November 2016
36 Fieldwork Evaluation 24th to 29th October 2017
37 University Examination November (Subject to University Schedule)
38 Skill enhancement training I st December to 26th December
39 Inter National AIDS Day 1st December 2016
40 ICSSR Sponsored National Advanced research Methodology course 1st December to 15th December
41 International Human Right day 10th December 2016
42 Block Placement Training of MSW Part II & BSW Part II&III 1st December to 31st December 2016
43 Commencement of semester II 2nd January 2017
44 Commencement of field work 6th January for MSW II and BSW II& III , 9th for MSW1 &BSW I
45 BPT/SET Presentation 4th &5th January 2017
46 National Youth Day 8th January, 2017
47 Agency Supervisors Meet 14th January, 2017
48 Annual Day 30th and 31st FEBRUARY 2017
49 Rural Camp/ Study tour MSW I, MSW Ii, BSW II 2nd to 11th February 2017
50 Rural Camp/ Study tour presentation, MSW I, MSW Ii, BSW II 15th February 2017
51 Class assignment I 24th to 28th February 2017
52 CAP 24th to 28th February 2017
53 Class assignment result 2nd March 2017
54 Workshop in collaboration with lead college scheme 18th February 2017
55 International Women’s Day Observation 8th March, 2017
56 Class assignment II MSW 24th to 28th March 2017
57 Termination of field work 18th March- BSW II & III 21stth March BSWI, 25th March –MSW II 28th March –MSW I
58 BSW Field work internal Evaluation 24th and 25th March 2017
59 BSW Farewell Function 29th March 2017
60 World Health Day 7th April 2017
61 MSW Field work Internal Evaluation 3rd &4th April 2017
62 MSW Farewell 6th April 2017
63 University Exam As per the University schedule
64 Capacity Improvement Programmes Once in every month

*Note:Scheduled is subject to change.