Cancer Awareness Net work (CAN)

As an institutional Social Responsibility, YCSSW has initiated Cancer Awareness Network . The number of cancer patients has been increasing day by day.Recent research also indicates significant increase in rate of cancer. Early detected cancer can be cured and most of the cancer can be prevented, if timely intervention is done. Therefore major attention of the project is on awareness building regarding prevention and early detection. Through this project YCSSW promotes healthy life style, stress management which can prevent cancer and other diseases.

Objectives of the project:

  • To network with various organization to have a panel of expert medical and Para medical personnel.
  • To network with various organizations to conduct awareness programmes among different target groups like school colleges ,Industries, villages etc
  • To conduct cancer detection camps among different location and target groups To promote healthy life styles to prevent cancer
  • To organize sessions for doctors to discuss on updates about cancer treatment
  • To provide counseling to cancer patients and family as per need
  • To get the help of media in propagating the message of early detection and awareness
  • To promote natural/ organic farming
  • To conduct Stress management programme
  • Awareness progrmmes to prevent various types of addiction