YCSSW is considered second home by students and alumni. Hence, care is taken to stay connected with the alumni and former faculty. The networking is done in the following ways:

  • Alumni are regularly invited to conduct internal assessment of academic and field placements of students.
  • Alumni are made members of YCSSW IQAC
  • Institute has special group of alumni working abroad, who stay connected with the college through Facebook, WhatsApp and email and share international updates with the Institute.
  • Many alumni seek help in their research and project work
  • Alumni can use the Institute library for research work
  • Alumni help network with organizations in which students are placed
  • Institute provides counselling to alumni if needed
  • Alumni sponsor a few institutional scholarships for students
  • Alumni meet is an annual event, preparation of which is done three months in advance. During the meeting, issues such as curriculum development, mentoring, fieldwork and campus recruitment are discussed.

faculty are constantly in touch with the Institute, providing valuable guidance and support for promotion of Social Work education. They are also invited to the Institute as resource persons. The alumni strengthen the institution in the following ways

Academic Development: Alumni are invited to conduct guest lectures, as members of interview panel for MSW/BSW entrance exam, for internal evaluation (viva) of fieldwork, to give inputs on updating syllabus, for conducting training and workshops for students and to help in placement of students. Alumni keep the Institute informed through social media. They are the Institute’s brand ambassadors.

Institutional Development: Some senior alumni suggest innovative projects which the Institute acts on.