• Administration

    The leadership, governance and Management of the institution are closely monitored by the Local Management Committee (LMC) and IQAC. Participatory management is practised. The open-door policy allows faculty, students and parents to interact with each other. This interaction is the strength of the Institute. All decisions are taken based on consensus. The administration is transparent and flexible enough to accommodate changes, if needed.

    The administrative staff helps students in procedural matters. Modification in leadership approach and administrative practices are done on a regular basis to meet needs of students and the Social Work profession. All these are done within the policy framework of the government, UGC and University regulations.

    The experienced LMC gives guidelines in areas of governance, leadership and management. They mentor the team and motivate them to achieve excellence in imparting quality education through best practices.

    The Institute has introduced the role score card system to ensure quality of teaching. All support is provided to faculty to upgrade their knowledge. The Institute takes efforts to get funds from the UGC, University, ICSSR, Zilla Parishad and other sources for overall development of the Institute.